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Most DWI & DUI (used interchangeably) cases begin with a traffic stop. The officer then claims to smell alcohol. Field sobriety tests follow if you consent. These tests consist of three tests. The first is an eye test (horizontal gaze nystagmus), then a walk and turn (9-steps turn 9-steps back) and last the one leg stand (raise one leg and count out loud). The officer uses the test results to make an arrest. The person is then brought to the police station and asked to blow into the breath test machine. Depending on whether you consent and, if you consent, the reading can determine exposure to jail time and the length of the license suspension.

Drug based DWIs, like marijuana and opiates, often involve officers doing the same tests and scoring them like alcohol DWIs. This is incorrect! We have found that few officers in our area have training in drug based DWIs. The training is called Drug Recognition Expert training. A Boustany Law Firm attorney has completed it.

Alfred Boustany, III with Boustany Law Firm has made presentations to other attorneys and judges on Drug and Alcohol based DWIs. He has completed every level of training in field sobriety testing and has been trained as an instructor in field sobriety. He is a State Ambassador for the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys.

The Boustany Law Firm also consults with an arsenal of experts and toxicologists to assist with the toughest DWI cases. Although we cannot guarantee a result, we strive to get DWI cases dismissed or pled down to a significantly lesser charge such as a moving violation We also strive during this process for our clients to avoid a suspended license all together.

For the most serious DWI cases, the Boustany Law Firm is ready to go to trial on those felony DWI cases that must be tried. These include 3rd and 4th offense DWIs and vehicular homicide charges.

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