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Alfred F. Boustany, III completed truck driving school and holds a commercial driver’s license. Why? Because as a young lawyer he was confronted with a tough question of how the crash occurred. The only way to solve that question was to learn to drive a commercial truck. So, Alfred F. Boustany, III went to truck driving school, completed the program, and successfully resolved that early case for full justice. Alfred F. Boustany, III has a commercial driver’s license issued by the State of Louisiana. That is the dedication the Boustany Law Firm constantly strives to give to every case.

The Boustany Law Firm routinely handles these complex and often catastrophic big truck accident cases. Alfred Boustany, III has also had the honor of giving a presentation on Handling Big Truck Cases to groups of lawyers and bar associations. Alfred is also a member of the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys.
These cases require quick action. Many times, the trucking company or insurance company immediately dispatches an investigative team to the crash site. Don’t wait. Let the Boustany Law Firm act equally as fast. We want to inspect the truck and we know what we are looking for.

The Boustany Law Firm has been fighting for victims of accidents since 1977. And if the insurance company refuses a fair and just compensation, we will try your case if that is what it takes. Call or Text us for a free case evaluation. Remember, if the Boustany Law Firm takes your case, we get paid only if you get paid. It is that simple because that is the fairest way.

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