Let us handle your car accident case.

Yes, we handle car accidents! We know that car accidents, like criminal charges, can be a life-changing experience. The crash itself is only the beginning. Unfortunately, all too often the process can be long, tedious, and complicated. Even the act of filing a claim can cause the injured person to suffer financially, physically, and mentally. We strive to get you the help you need and limit any unnecessary additional stress. The Boustany Law Firm believes, most importantly, that you must get a fair and just amount for the harm caused by another’s fault, and the process itself should not cause you more suffering.

All accident cases have deadlines. You should be familiar with those deadlines, comply with them, and timely retain an attorney within a reasonable time to allow the attorney to comply with the deadlines. For all accident cases, the Boustany Law Firm gives a free initial consultation with one of our attorneys. We determine if we will accept the case by first getting basic information about the person, that person’s background, and the matter for which you consulted us. If we accept the case, the Boustany Law Firm will handle the case on a contingency fee basis. This means that the Boustany Law Firm gets paid only if you are successful. We do this because we believe the interest of the client must always come first. If the case is accepted, the Boustany Law Firm will immediately get to work. As we work on the case, we want you to know that the Boustany Law Firm strives to provide the best legal services in a timely manner because we are proud of our reputation for excellence.

The Boustany Law Firm has been fighting for victims of car accidents since 1977. If the insurance company refuses a fair and just compensation, we will try your case if that is what it takes. Don’t wait. Call or Text us for a free case evaluation. Remember, if the Boustany Law Firm takes your case, we get paid only if you get paid. It is that simple because that is the fairest way.

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